Unique Pomeranian Dog Traits

Pomeranians are fun little dogs and have many interesting traits.  Read on to learn about these unique Pomeranian dogs traits.

Unique Pomeranian Dog TraitsThe unique Pomeranian dog traits we will be covering in this article include:

  • Being protective
  • Being loyal
  • Being energetic
  • Being playful
  • Being stubborn
  • Being loving

Pomeranians and Protectiveness

Pomeranians may seem small but they are extremely tough and are very protective of their owners.  If trained correctly, a Pomeranian can be taught to bark when someone comes to your door.  It’s important to note though, if your Pomeranian is not trained correctly that this protectiveness can sometimes get out of control.  Your Pomeranian may bark or growl when you don’t want them to.  Luckily, this can be controlled with training.

Pomeranians and Loyalty

One of the best unique Pomeranian dog traits is loyalty.  Pomeranians become extremely attached to their owners.  Because of this, they make great pets for someone who lives alone or an elderly person.  If you add a Pomeranian to a family that has a number of members, you may notice that your Pomeranian chooses a favorite.  They will stick closer to this person and will be more likely to listen to them.  If this happens, make sure this person becomes the main trainer.

Pomeranians and Energy

Pomeranians may be little but they still have a lot of energy!  If you live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard then it’s vital you take your Pomeranian on daily walks.  You could also go on outings to the beach or to your local dog park.  This will keep you Pomeranian not only happy, but healthy as well!

Pomeranians and Playing

Another one of the unique Pomeranian dog traits is playfulness!  So make sure you have lots of toys for your Pomeranian to enjoy.  You can also play games with your Pomeranian such as frisbee or fetch.  They will certainly love this and it’s a great way to further bond with your Pomeranian.

Pomeranians and Stubbornness

One of the not so great unique Pomeranian dog traits is stubbornness.  If you don’t establish your alpha leadership position or train your Pomeranian then they can become very stubborn and may do what they fancy.   You can create your alpha leadership position by firstly giving your family attention before you give your Pomeranian attention after you arrive home.  Also, make sure you and your family always eat meals before your Pomeranian.  If you quickly establish your alpha leadership position and start obedience training you can stop your Pomeranian from becoming so stubborn.

Pomeranians and Lovingness

Lovingness is probably one of the best unique Pomeranian dog traits.  Pomeranians are one of the most loving breeds of dogs as they love giving and receiving attention.  Your Pomeranian will love nothing more than getting lots of cuddles from you.  This will also greatly increase the bond between you and your Pomeranian.

As you can see, there are lots of unique Pomeranian dog traits.  They are friendly, loyal, playful and full of energy.  A Pomeranian would definitely make an excellent choice of pet!

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