Stop Pomeranian Biting

Does your Pomeranian have a habit of biting?  If yes, then this needs to be controlled as soon as possible.  Keep reading to learn how to stop your Pomeranian from biting.

Stop Pomeranian BitingStop Pomeranian biting early

Pomeranian puppies are extremely cute and fun to play with.  However when playing with your Pomeranian puppy you may notice they bite you in a playful manner.  It may not seem like a big deal as your Pomeranian is only little and just playing.  However, this is not the case.  If your Pomeranian is allowed to bite as a puppy then the biting will probably continue and even get worse as they grow up.  So it’s extremely important you nip biting it in the bud as early as possible!

Pomeranian Biting is a sign of dominance

One of the main reasons your Pomeranian will bite is because they are trying to find their place in your pack (your family).  Biting is their way of showing dominance.  The best way to stop your Pomeranian from biting is to show them that you are the dominant leader of the pack and that biting is not okay.  There are a number of ways you can establish your alpha leadership position:

  • Always eat before your Pomeranian
  • Don’t give your Pomeranian attention for the first ten minutes after you get home

Try establishing your alpha leadership from the moment you first bring your Pomeranian into your home.  The earlier it’s established, the less chance there will be of biting.

Tips to stop your Pomeranian from biting

If your Pomeranian continues to bite even after you have established your alpha leadership position, then you should try some of the following tips.

  • If your Pomeranian bites you then make a whining noise.  This will let your Pomeranian know that they have hurt you.
  • If your Pomeranian bites your hand then quickly get them a toy to bite instead.
  • Another tip is by giving your Pomeranian a pinch on their neck if they bite you.  However, make sure it’s not too hard!
  • Some games encourage biting such as tug of war or even playful fighting with your Pomeranian.  Stop playing these games and only play games that don’t involve biting such as fetch.

By using these tips, your Pomeranian will quickly learn that biting is not okay.

Obedience training

If your Pomeranian still bites after you have established your alpha leadership position and you have tried the above tips then you may have to look into getting professional help.  This could mean going to a local obedience class or getting a professional dog trainer to come to your home.  These professionals will have further expert tips to help you stop your Pomeranian from biting.

So remember, it’s really important to stop your Pomeranian from biting as soon as possible, ideally from when they are a puppy.  Also, it’s vital that if you can’t control your Pomeranians biting yourself, then you need to get in a professional to help.   Even though Pomeranians are small, their bite could still hurt a child.

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