Pomeranian Training Techniques

Pomeranians are small and cute but they have big personalities.  Therefore it’s really important to train your Pomeranian as soon as possible so you can be the one in control.  The following Pomeranian training techniques are a great place to start!

Pomeranian Training TechniquesStart Training your Pomeranian Early

One of the most important Pomeranian training techniques you will learn is to start training your Pomeranian from an early age.  Ideally, this will be from when your Pomeranian is a puppy and aged between eight and fourteen weeks.  However, don’t despair; a fully grown Pomeranian can be trained too.

It’s really imperative that you don’t start training your Pomeranian puppy until they are older than eight weeks.  If you start training before eight weeks then they won’t respond very well.  Instead, use these first eight weeks to get to know your Pomeranian.  The better you get to know your Pomeranian the better as it will make training them a lot easier when they do finally reach 8 weeks of age.

During the first eight weeks you should also set up a schedule for your Pomeranian.  For example have set feeding and sleeping times and stick to these.  By having this schedule your Pomeranian will see that you are in control and are the alpha leader; thus making your Pomeranian feel calm and secure.  It will also make your Pomeranian trust you a lot more when it comes to training.  In summary it will make training a whole lot easier!

Potty Training your Pomeranian

One of the most important Pomeranian training techniques is potty training.  The last thing you want is your Pomeranian going potty on your beautiful rug or carpet!

The first thing you need to do is set up a set place outside or inside your home where they can go potty.  If you choose an inside spot then set up newspaper or similar.  If your Pomeranian looks like they need to go take them to this designated spot.  If they do go in the correct spot then praise them with lots of cuddles and affection.  Your Pomeranian will over time learn that this is the correct place for them to go.

It’s really vital not to get angry at your Pomeranian if they do go to the toilet in the wrong place.  This will just make them unhappy and it will take you longer to potty train them.

Remember, accidents will happen and your Pomeranian will not learn potty training straight away.  Be patient – the rewards will definitely be worth it!

Pomeranian Crate Training

Crate training is another one of the main Pomeranian training techniques you should learn.  In the wild dogs have their own burrows where they feel safe and secure.  So it’s a natural instinct for your Pomeranian to want something similar – a crate can be this place.

Make sure your crate is a nice environment for your Pomeranian.  It shouldn’t be too big, but not too small either.  Your Pomeranian should just be able to turn around comfortably inside.  Put some nice blankets and favorite toys inside too.

Your Pomeranian may not like the crate to begin with and may bark or whine while inside.  It’s really important that you do not take them out if they do this.  Instead, wait until they have been quiet for five minutes.  Once they have been quite for this period of time take them out and praise them.  They will soon associate being in the crate as a good thing and will stop barking or whining while inside.

Crate training is a valuable tool and your Pomeranian will love having their own private, safe space.

Keep your Pomeranian Social

Although a small breed of dog, Pomeranians are still tough.  Therefore, if not socialized property your Pomeranian may become aggressive when they do come across other people and animals.  Socialization will also make your Pomeranian feel confident outdoors.

The best way to socialize your Pomeranian is by taking them out to meet lots of people and other animals.  You can start taking your Pomeranian out to meet other people and animals when they are around three months old.  Take them on lots of walks or to the park.  The more your Pomeranian interacts with other people and animals the better as you will lessen the chance of them becoming aggressive.

So remember, socialization is one of the key Pomeranian training techniques!

Training your Pomeranian will not happen straight away but it will happen.  Be patient with training and you will both reap the rewards!  Use these great Pomeranian training techniques and start training today!

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