Pomeranian Puppy Training

Have you adopted an adorable new Pomeranian puppy?  The next step is Pomeranian puppy training!

Pomeranian Puppy TrainingPomeranians are very intelligent, small, good looking dogs.  Because of these reasons they are an extremely popular pet.  Although they are small dogs, they have big personalities and without training they may become hard to manage.  That’s why you need to start Pomeranian puppy training as soon as you bring them into your home.

How to choose your Pomeranian puppy

A Pomeranian puppy is a cute ball of fluff with big brown eyes!  Because of this you may be excited and in a rush to get your new Pomeranian puppy straight away.  It’s best if you don’t do this.  To start with you need to make sure you are getting your Pomeranian from a highly regarded seller/breeder.  Don’t be afraid to ask them for references and information on your Pomeranian puppy’s wellbeing.

When you finally get to the stage of choosing your Pomeranian puppy you may want to pick the bravest and most energetic of the pack.  Be careful as this may be a bad decision.  A brave puppy with lots of energy may be more difficult to train.

After you have done your checks on the breeder and chosen your puppy you can finally bring them home to start Pomeranian puppy training!

Tips on Pomeranian Puppy Training

You need to begin training the moment you bring your Pomeranian puppy home.  If you start early, it will be a lot easier.  Remember to be patient – your Pomeranian puppy won’t pick up things straight away.  Use lots of repetition and praise for good behavior.

The following are the Pomeranian puppy training tips you should begin with.  As your puppy gets older you can try more advanced training techniques.

  • Potty training is one of the most important Pomeranian puppy training techniques.  The best way to go about this is by having a set area for your puppy to go to the toilet.  If they go in the incorrect place move them to the right spot.  Praise your puppy each time they do go in the correct spot.  It’s important you never, ever get angry if they go in the incorrect place as this will just make them anxious.  Over time, your Pomeranian will automatically go potty in the correct spot by themselves.  Be patient – potty training won’t happen overnight and you should be prepared for some accidents on your carpet.
  • Once your Pomeranian reaches 8 weeks of age you can start leash training.  It’s important you practice leash training inside before you venture outside.  Never pull your Pomeranian puppy towards you when they are on the leash.  Instead bribe with treats and praise with affection when they do it correctly.  It won’t take long for your Pomeranian to become an expert leash walker.
  • The next Pomeranian puppy training technique you can teach is the basic commands.  The basic commands are “sit”, “down” and “stay”.  Repetition is the key to teaching the basic commands.  You will need to repeat each command over and over again on a daily basis.  If they do a command correctly, praise with treats or cuddles.   The good thing is, once your Pomeranian knows these basic commands, they will usually remember them for life.

So remember, you need to start Pomeranian puppy training the moment you bring them home.  And be patient – training will not happen overnight but it will happen!  The benefits will be worth it and you will have a happy, well trained Pomeranian puppy.

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