Pomeranian Potty Training

The last thing you want is a mess on your nice carpet or rug!  Therefore, potty training is one of the most important things you can teach your Pomeranian.  Read on to learn all about Pomeranian potty training!

Pomeranian Potty TrainingThe first thing to note is that Pomeranian potty training will not happen overnight.  You need to be very patient and should expect that there will be some accidents on your carpet and rugs!  However, with time you should have Pomeranian who will automatically go to the correct place to potty.

The following tips will help you potty train your Pomeranian:

Have a set place where they go potty

When potty training your Pomeranian, you need to have a set place where they go.  If you notice your Pomeranian going in the incorrect place, pick them up and take them to the correct spot.  Your Pomeranian will soon realize where they should go and you will get fewer accidents in incorrect places.

You need to have a set routine

With Pomeranian potty training you need to set up a routine.  When your Pomeranian is a puppy take them to the spot where they need to potty approximately every two hours.  It’s would also be a good idea to take them to potty after they have eaten.

Use a leash

A good tip when Pomeranian potty training is to use a leash if their designated potty spot is outside.  By doing this you will be able to stop your Pomeranian from getting distracted and will easily be able to lead them to the correct place.

Reward your Pomeranian for good potty behavior

If your Pomeranian goes to their correct potty spot on their own then reward them with praise and affection.  This will encourage your Pomeranian and they will be more likely to go potty in the correct place in the future.

Use Commands

It’s a good idea to use a command when you take your Pomeranian to potty.  These commands shouldn’t be too long.  An example could be “go toilet” or “go potty”.  Repeat this command before and after your Pomeranian goes potty.  Remember, your Pomeranian will not remember the potty command straight away – you will need to repeat it numerous times.  So try and say it each time you take your Pomeranian to potty.

Expect accidents

Accidents are all part of Pomeranian potty training so you need to be prepared for the occasional mess on your carpet or rug.  It’s really important that you don’t get angry and yell or hit your Pomeranian if they do go in the incorrect spot.  If you don’t have time to pick them up to take to the correct spot then don’t make a fuss, just ignore them and clean up the mess afterwards.

Pomeranian potty training is not easy and it will take time and patience.  However in the long run you will have a Pomeranian who should only potty in the correct place.  And, of course, you will have nice clean carpets and rugs!

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