Pomeranian Obedience Training

Pomeranians can be stubborn dogs and without obedience they can have a mind of their own.  Therefore Pomeranian obedience training is so important.  Read on to learn some useful information on Pomeranian obedience training.

Pomeranian Obedience TrainingThere are a number of important aspects to Pomeranian obedience training including:

  • The alpha leadership position
  • Having fun
  • Being patient
  • Rewards
  • Repetition
  • Being consistent
  • Not getting angry

Keep reading to learn more about these aspects of Pomeranian obedience training.

The Alpha Leadership Position

The most important part of Pomeranian obedience training is establishing your alpha leadership position.  If you don’t do this then your Pomeranian might think they are the one in charge and obedience training will be extremely hard.  If your Pomeranian does think they have the reins of your household, then it could also make them aggressive and very stubborn.  So it’s vital you establish that you are in charge immediately after you bring your Pomeranian into your home.

Having Fun with your Pomeranian

Even though it is Pomeranian obedience training, it still has to be fun.  If it’s fun then your Pomeranian will enjoy obedience training a lot more which, in turn, will make it a lot easier for you.


When Pomeranian obedience training it’s incredibly important to be patient.  Your Pomeranian will not pick up things straight away so you cannot show frustration.  Instead stay patient!  You patience will make obedience training a whole lot easier for you and your Pomeranian.


When Pomeranian obedience training, it’s vital you reward good behavior.  This means giving cuddles and affection when they do something right.  Your Pomeranian will be more eager to please and do well if you give rewards like this.  Treats can also be used as rewards in the right situation.


Repeat, repeat, repeat – remember this when Pomeranian obedience training!  The more you repeat something, the more your Pomeranian will have a chance of remembering it.  Repetition is the vital key!


It’s also important to be consistent when Pomeranian obedience training.  If you have a certain rule when obedience training then stick to it.  If you let your Pomeranian do something that they have been previously been told they shouldn’t, then it will just confuse them.  For example if you don’t want your Pomeranian up on the sofa then never, ever let them on the sofa – even if they look at you with those big brown eyes, do not pick them up for cuddles on the sofa.  So be consistent and stick to your rules.  If you don’t, it may lead to bad behavior.

Don’t Get Angry

Do not get angry at your Pomeranian when obedience training.  This includes never, ever yelling or hitting your Pomeranian if don’t do something right.  This will just confuse your Pomeranian and will make obedience training a whole lot harder.  You can use a stern voice and say “no” instead, but remember don’t yell or hit.

Pomeranian obedience training is vital if you want a well-behaved dog.  It will help control their stubbornness and they will become a loyal and fun companion to have around.

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