Pomeranian Leash Training

Leash training is one of the most important Pomeranian training techniques.  It guarantees your Pomeranians safety when out on walks.  It will also strengthen the bond between you and your Pomeranian.  Continue reading to learn all about Pomeranian leash training.

Pomeranian Leash Training!Pomeranian Leash Training Information

The following is some useful Pomeranian leash training information:

  • The earlier you start leash training your Pomeranian the better.
  • Remember, leash training will be a new thing for your Pomeranian so start with the basics before you move onto more difficult tasks.  It’s also important to concentrate on only one thing at a time.  Otherwise your Pomeranian will just get confused.
  • It’s really vital that you stay calm when Pomeranian leash training.  Your Pomeranian will learn a lot better if you are calm.  If you get angry it will just make them anxious which in turn will make leash training more difficult.
  • Only do leash training for a little period of time each day rather than one long session every so often.  Your Pomeranian will be more likely to remember things if you repeat something daily.
  • Pomeranian leash training shouldn’t be a burden.  It should be fun!  If it’s fun your Pomeranian will love training and will be more eager to learn.  So use lots of praise and affection when training to keep it entertaining.

Where to Start when Pomeranian Leash Training

Read on to learn where you should start when Pomeranian leash training:

  • Before starting Pomeranian leash training, you need to buy a collar.  You should be able to pick up something suitable at your local pet store or vet.
  • Your Pomeranian may not like wearing their new collar as it will be an unusual sensation.  Therefore, only put the collar on your Pomeranian for short amount of time to begin with.  Slowly but surely you should increase this amount of time.  Over time your Pomeranian will become used to the sensation of a collar and will be able to wear it full time.
  • One of the most important items you need for Pomeranian leash training is, of course, the leash!  You can introduce the leash to your Pomeranian once they have become used to their collar.  Like the collar, your Pomeranian needs to become accustomed to the leash.  Hook it on their collar but to no hold it.  Let your Pomeranian wander around with it.  But again, only for short periods of time. As a safely measure remember to watch your Pomeranian when they do walk around with the leash to make sure it doesn’t get caught or twisted.  Soon your Pomeranian will become okay having a leash attached to their collar and you can move on to more advance training.
  • It’s now time to pick up the lead!  Do not tug on the lead to get your Pomeranian to come near you.  If you do this your Pomeranian will naturally tug the other way.  Instead say phrases such as “come here”.  If your Pomeranian comes towards you then show them lots of positive affection.  However, if they keep pulling away then you may need to use a treat to entice them to come towards you.
  • Repetition is the key when Pomeranian leash training.  Remember, leash training won’t happen overnight.  You need to repeat leash training inside for a little amount every day before you go on an actual walk outside.  Your Pomeranian will remember more if you follow this repetition rule.

Time to Go Outside

The next step of Pomeranian leash training is taking your Pomeranian outside:

  • There will be lots of distractions outside so be patient with your Pomeranian.
  • Remember to use the same commands as you used inside to trigger your Pomeranians memory.
  • Take your time!  This is a new experience for your Pomeranian and it will be exciting.  Don’t get angry if your Pomeranian doesn’t do leash training correctly the first time outdoors.  Be patient, it will happen!

Pomeranian leash training certainly has its benefits.  So start Pomeranian leash training today!

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