Pomeranian Health Problems

A happy and healthy Pomeranian is the best kind.  However, like all breeds of dogs, there are some health problems you should be aware of.   Read on to learn about these Pomeranian health problems.

Pomeranian Health ProblemsThe Pomeranian health problems that will be covered in this article include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures
  • Heart problems
  • Coat loss
  • Knees that slip out of place

If you think your Pomeranian has any of these, then it’s really important to book an appointment with your local vet to get it checked out straight away.

Hip Dysplasia

Luckily hip dysplasia is not that common in Pomeranians as they are smaller dogs, however you do still need to be aware of it.  Many breeders will have their Pomeranians x-rayed to check for this problem before selling to possible owners.  If you think your Pomeranian may suffer from this then take them to your vet as they can organise x-rays.


Unfortunately, this is one of the more common Pomeranian health problems.  Hypothyroidism is a low thyroid problem.  If worried, you can ask your breeder for a copy of the thyroid test results of the parents of the Pomeranian you wish to adopt.


Pomeranians may develop idiopathic epilepsy (idiopathic translates to mean that we don’t know what is causing the epilepsy).  Normally this occurs when a Pomeranian is aged between three and seven.  It’s also thought that this Pomeranian health problem is hereditary.  If you have never experienced a seizure and your Pomeranian does have one, it can be scary.  Therefore do some research on what they are like so you can be prepared if it ever does happen.

Heart Problems

Heart problems are another one of the main Pomeranian health problems.  Pomeranian heart problems can be very minor or very serious.  Often, heart problems in Pomeranians are hard to identify.  If you’re worried, enquire with your breeder as to if your Pomeranians bloodline has any history of heart problems.

Coat Loss

A coat loss problem that Pomeranians may get is Severe Hair Loss Syndrome (SHLS).  Another name for it is Black Skin Disease.  This health problem is common mostly in male Pomeranians.  It occurs when a Pomeranian has an abundant puppy coat without guard hairs.  As the Pomeranian puppy coat starts to shed, it doesn’t grow back.  There is also another adaption of the coat loss problem that occurs in older Pomeranians.  A Pomeranian will appear to have an ordinary coat but it will overtime start to get thinner.  If you are worried about your Pomeranian developing any of these coast loss problems then you should ask your breeder if you can see the parents of your Pomeranian.   This may give you some clues on whether your Pomeranian will develop this health problem.

Knees that Slip Out of Place

One of the most common Pomeranian health problems is knees that slip out of place.  The official term for this is luxating patellas.  Of course, everyone wants a Pomeranian with perfect knees.  The fact is that it’s more likely that you will end up with a Pomeranians whose knees aren’t one hundred percent perfect.  If you do, however, get a Pomeranian with extremely severe knee problems then they may require surgery at some stage.  The best thing to do is to get a Pomeranian puppies knees checked before they are adopted.  You will then have peace of mind and know what you are getting into.

Pomeranian health problems may seem scary but they don’t have to be!  You can start by setting up vet appointments a couple of times a year.  That way you can keep on top of any health problems that may occur.  A healthy Pomeranian is a happy Pomeranian!  And a healthy Pomeranian means a happy human!

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