Pomeranian Crate Training

In the wild dogs like to have a safe area they call their own such as a hidden burrow.  Therefore, it’s a natural instinct for your Pomeranian to want something similar – a crate can provide this.  Read on to learn all about Pomeranian crate training.

Pomeranian Crate TrainingHow to Get your Pomeranian to Like Their Crate

As previously mentioned, it’s a natural instinct for your Pomeranian to seek a safe, small space and a crate can be such place.  So you shouldn’t be worried about your Pomeranian not liking their crate as most normally end up really enjoying them.  It gives them a sense of safety and a comfy place to sleep.

Pomeranian Crate Training Tips

  • You’re best to house your Pomeranians crate in a space where there are plenty of people around.  Areas like the living room that are used often by the family are a great option.  At night-time take the crate into your bedroom as this will make your Pomeranian feel safe during the evenings.  After your Pomeranian gets used to the crate, you should be able to just leave it in the same place without moving it to the bedroom at night-time.
  • With Pomeranian crate training, it’s really important to start early.  The quicker you bring a crate into your home, the quicker your Pomeranian will become accustomed to it.  So, ideally, it’s best to start crate training your Pomeranian at the puppy stage.
  • Make sure the crate isn’t too big or too small for your Pomeranian.  It should just be large enough for them to move comfortably around inside.  If your crate is too big then your Pomeranian pay go potty inside the crate.  If you are unsure about what size crate you need to get, then your local pet store should be able to lead you in the right direction.
  • The inside of the crate should be homely for your Pomeranian.  Include some soft blankets, a nice mattress and some of their favorite toys.  This will make your Pomeranian enjoy being in the crate a lot more.
  • The maximum amount of time you should leave your Pomeranian in the crate to start with is two hours.  As they get used to the crate, you can increase this time.  Once you think your Pomeranian is okay in the crate, you can then keep them in it overnight.
  • You may notice your Pomeranian getting upset inside the crate when you first start Pomeranian crate training.  It’s really important that you do not take your Pomeranian out of the crate if they are whining or barking.  This may be hard but it’s vital you wait until they have been quiet for a couple of minutes.  After this time you can take your Pomeranian out and give them lots of praise.  Your Pomeranian will quickly learn that staying in the crate calmly and quietly means they will get lots of cuddles!

Pomeranian crate training is easy if you are patient.  So remember, it may take time, but your Pomeranian will soon love their crate.  It will be a safe, comfy place that they can call their own.  Your Pomeranian will love you for it!

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