Facts about Pomeranians

Pomeranians are amazing dogs and make great companions.  Read on to learn some interesting facts about Pomeranians. Facts about Pomeranians

  • Pomeranians are extremely intelligent dogs.
  • Although small, Pomeranians have big personalities which make them a fun pet to own.
  • Because of their big personalities Pomeranians may be hard to train.  However, you can have a well trained Pomeranian if you prove to them that you’re the alpha leader and in control.  If they see you are in charge, your Pomeranian will be more likely to listen and will be a lot easier to train.
  • Pomeranians ancestors are the bigger Spitz dogs.  These dogs were used to pull sleds, hunt and be guard dogs.  They are probably the reason why the little Pomeranians we know act so tough!
  • One of the great facts about Pomeranians is that they are extremely loyal.  If there are a few people in your family, your Pomeranian will quite often choose a ‘favorite’.  Your Pomeranian will stick close to this person and will be more likely to listen to them.  If this happens, it’s best that this person becomes the main trainer.
  • You may be aware that Pomeranians like to bark!  However you can control this with training.  Again it goes back to showing your Pomeranian you are the alpha leader.  If you show your Pomeranian you are in control then they will be less likely to bark.
  • Another of the interesting facts about Pomeranians is that their tail is fluffy and long for a reason.  It’s used to keep their nose warm while they sleep.
  • A Pomeranians nose is quite long in size as it cools warm air before it the reaches their lungs.
  • A funny fact you may not know is that two Pomeranians survived the sinking of the Titanic.  They are indeed brave little dogs!
  • One of the common facts about Pomeranians that people ask is how long do they live?  If properly looked after, A Pomeranian will live between twelve and sixteen years.
  • Pomeranians will usually weight between three and seven pounds and will reach a height of between eight and eleven inches.
  • Pomeranian is quite a long name to say.  Therefore people will often shorten it to Pom.
  • One of the most important facts about Pomeranians you need to know is that even though they are small, they still need lots of exercise.  You should really take your Pomeranian on a walk every day.
  • If a Pomeranian has puppies they will usually have between one and four.
  • Pomeranians do shed hair.  This usually depends on what season or it will just shed a little bit over the course of a year.
  • A famous Pomeranian you may have heard of is Boo.  He is really cute due to his unique ‘teddy bear’ haircut.  Boo has over three million fans on Facebook.  If you haven’t seen a picture of Boo see if you can find one as he certainly is adorable!

These facts about Pomeranians certainly do prove that they are an amazing breed of dog!  Not only are they cute, they are intelligent, incredibly loyal and brave.  They are a great breed of dog that will fit well in any family.

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