A Pomeranian Called Boo

Have you heard about a Pomeranian called Boo?  He is mega cute and has millions of fans from all around the world!

A Pomeranian Called Boo!Some facts about a Pomeranian called Boo:

  • Boo is a Pomeranian dog who has become famous all over the world.
  • Pomeranians are a breed of dog that are toy sized, cute and loyal in nature.
  • Boo was born on March 16, 2006.
  • Boo is super cute due to his unique haircut.  This haircut wasn’t planned!  Boo’s hair was really tangled so it had to be shaved short which his owner wasn’t very happy about.  However once they saw the end result of the haircut, they were very happy as Boo ended up looking really adorable and ‘teddy bear’ like’
  • You may wonder who Boo’s owner is.  His owner’s identity is a mystery however they are from the United States.  They use the alias J.H Lee.  They started taking photos of Boo as their friends loved looking at them.  From this they started Boo’s Facebook page as a joke!  But it quickly spiraled and a Pomeranian called Boo became extremely popular!
  • Boo is friendly and finds it easy being around people which is great since he’s so famous!
  • Boo has over three million fans on Facebook and this number keeps increasing every single day.
  • Many celebrities love Boo too such as Khloe Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Ke$ha.
  • Boo has his own book which is called ‘Boo, the life of the world’s cutest dog.’  It includes lots of cute pictures of Boo doing fun things like playing, sleeping, seeing the world and just plain looking cute!  This book all about a Pomeranian called Boo is already very popular.
  • Boo has his own publicist.  He has also been offered TV and film roles.
  • Boo has a brother named Buddy who is his best friend.  Buddy is also a Pomeranian.  Both Buddy and Boo like watching baseball together, especially the Chicago Cubs.
  • GUND, a famous company that makes stuffed animals has made a toy that is a replica of Boo.  This toy has become really popular!
  • On Wednesday Boo doesn’t wear any outfits or t-shirts!  His owner calls it ‘Naked Wednesday’ and Boo runs around just being himself, which is of course super cute!

Now that you have learnt some awesome facts about a Pomeranian called Boo, let’s learn about some of Boo’s favorite things!

  • Boo’s favorite friend is his brother Buddy
  • Boo’s favorite celebrity from TV is Oprah
  • Boo’s favorite color is pink
  • Boo’s favorite thing to do is to wear t-shirts including the Chicago Cubs t-shirt
  • Boo’s favorite foods include cheese, chicken, flowers, grass and dirt
  • Boo’s favorite games are going for a run outdoors, chasing his brother around and playing with toys – especially ones that squeak

There you have it – some awesome facts about a Pomeranian called Boo.  Not only is he cute, he’s friendly and cuddly.  And his popularity is just going to keep growing and growing!

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